Saturday, February 19, 2011

What was stolen from the Cairo Museum during the protests and who was behind it?

'Remember they made holes and holes inside the Great Pyramid (September 2002) and discovered a door. On this door they claim that there was proto sinaitic signs on it, this is not true and was planted and tampered with (they are even on the Hawas website). The Jews claim that their language originated from proto sinaitic signs, soo that they can claim it as clear evidence that the Great Pyramid was built by them. As you know the Zionist's claim their land to be from the Euphrates to the Nile. 

So they used this as a stunt from whom they were about to discover something amazing in the great pyramid and instead they find proto-sinaitic signs. Hmm, even worse during the live broadcast Dr Mervat Mohsen Mohamed, daughter of the renowned writer, said live on TV, we have just discovered the first signs of the Taurus in the Great Pyramid, that's one of the things these guys were up too. That's how far they have gone and sold their country.'

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