Sunday, March 28, 2010

Riddles from the Past

It all started for me when I came to Egypt I saw the Great Pyramid. I was told their are tombs. 100 000 slaves build this Pyramid. But I saw things it was not logical, it did'nt fit. In that moment I was hooked on our mysterious past. From that moment, all interest from what I have learned was gone and for hours I would pore over my Computer on the Internet. I already studied the Torah and the Gospel. So I started to study the Quran. (the Quran say:"If you want to have a complete knowledge, you have to study all 3 books". I couldn’t understand much of the text, but the ancient mysterious absorbed me totally. Where do we come from I wondered? Does mankind really have an unknown history that has been lost or forgotten? Could there really have been an advanced civilization in far ancient times, before our recorded history? The questions and debates on the issue have raged for years. When asked, most scholars will tell you that it’s a nice idea, but fanciful at best and there is really no hard evidence to show that such a civilization ever really existed. However, many others will argue that there is actually a significant body of evidence that does exist that simply cannot be explained away. So what are the realities? What kind of evidence are we talking about? Just a bunch of weird cave paintings and esoteric theories by strange people, or is there something more tangible? To be perfectly honest about it, anthropological evidence, however convincing, is always circumstantial, while legends and myths without evidence are questionable at best and naturally open to individual interpretation, so we must look for further corroboration. When we do, we find that there is in fact, a large and ever growing body of hard physical evidence that goes a long way towards disproving what we have been led to believe. This evidence tells us that either the history we are taught of the earths is wrong, or the history we are taught of mankind’s development is wrong – or both. The reality of this is fast becoming far too great to deny and still more evidence to re-enforce the conclusion is being found ever more frequently. So the obvious conclusion that we’re faced with here is that the academic community is either completely stupid (which is doubtful,) or quite simply not telling us the truth! Maybe they’re just waiting for the right moment…
But before we try and find where the answers to our puzzle may lie, let’s investigate what kind of body of evidence for an Ancient civilization of advanced technology actually does exist, in what form it takes and whether we are presented with anything that truly cannot be explained. And as you will see, the evidence that our entire history is wrong is indeed quite vast and comes in a great variety of forms. 

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